Small selection of stock arrived this week. See web pages for more items.

April 5th 2023


UNICORN HEAVY DUTY DART BOARD .(search sports equipment) SOLD SOLD


VINTAGE SWAN KETTLE(search, collectables)

QUIRKY OLD MAGNIFYING GLASS (search, collectables)

APRIL 7th  2023




AUCTIONEERS /JUDGE GAVEL(search, collectables)




Grenadier Silver Plated cribbage board (search, games) SOLD SOLD



Art deco style wall mirror (search, mirrors) SOLD SOLD

Vintage/retro style knight fireside companion set.(search, home items)  SOLD SOLD


APRIL 12th

Model Ship trawler ( search, ships and boats) SOLD SOLD


APRIL 13th

Collectable Ja Bucknell credition mechanical Alarm Clock.  (search, clocks) SOLD SOLD


APRIL 14th

Vintage cir1929 Sterling silver Trench wristwatch (search, watches)


APRIL 18th

Brass  Replica Miners Lamp. (search,miners lamp) SOLD SOLD

Stunning bracelet with claw clasp. (search, jewellery)


APRIL 20th

Duplex brass two wick paraffin oli lamp. (search, lamps)

Fleur de lis design metal plant holder (search, garden) SOLD SOLD 


April 21st 

Large grey industrial style ceiling lamp shade (search, lighting/shades)


April 24th 

Vintage replica miners lamp (search, miners lamps) SOLD SOLD

Collectable jewellars tools, (search, tools) SOLD SOLD

APRIL 25th 

 3 Tier wooden  stand. ( search, home) SOLD SOLD

Vintage wooden guillotine paper cutter (search, collectables) SOLD SOLD

APRIL 27th

Vintage / Antique folding 2 tier wooden stand/table.  (search, home)

May 2nd

Encore acoustic guitar  6 string (search,musical ) SOLD SOLD

Large (28" long approx) wooden fork&spoon. (search, home)

May 7th

Ashton CG14AM Six String 1/4 uguitar .(search musical) SOLD SOLD 

May 9th

Tall metal Fleur de lis style candle holder. (search, home)

May 10th 

WW2 Air Ministry ditching whistle. (5depth search, collectables) SOLD SOLD t

May 13th Collectable Vintage shoemaker/ cobblers hammer. (search, Tools) SOLD SOLD

May 19th 3 tread step ladder (search, Ladder tools) SOLD SOLD

May 19th  SOLD SOLD Small wheel barrow ideal for garden plant decoration. (search,  garden) SOLD SOLD 

May 21st  Stylish Bathroom wall cabinet (search, home items) SOLD SOLD

May 23rd  Ornate metal garden plant holder. (search, garden items)  SOLD SOLD

May 25th  Utility house/garden metal 3 basket storage unit.  (search, garden items)

May 26th  Tall fireside companion set . (search, home items) SOLD SOLD

June 1st  Drop leaf table (search home items)Sold Sold

June 2nd Tall metal/wrought iron stand in need of some minor upcycling.  (Search upcycing items)  SOLD SOLD 

June 3rd  Two matching chairs (search, chairs tables items)

June 5th SOLD SOLD  Vintage tall brass coal scuttle with handles (search, home items)

June 6th Large metal log/plant basket. (search, upcycling items) SOLD SOLD 

June 7th  Ukulele Pure Tone PTN 100450. Excellent condition  (search musicial items )

June 8th  Ukulele for dummies book. (Search, book items) SOLD SOLD

June 10th  Pirates treasure chest. (Search, metal chest items) SOLD SOLD

June 11th Portable garden water barrel. (Search, garden items) SOLD SOLD

June 13th  Vintage 1950s Elizabeth Arden Paris lipstick holder (search collectable items)

June 15th Model ship.H.M.S Endeavour. (Search model ships/boats) SOLD SOLD

JUNE 16th Six draw wooden storage box. (Search Wooden boxe items) SOLD SOLD

June 18th Vintage Smiths working pocket watch (Search watch items)

June 21 VINTAGE Alba record player (Search parts/non working  ittems) SOLD SOLD

June 28th  Brass candle holder with ornate glass dome. (Search Home items) 

June 29th Stunning tall, narrow wall mirror (Search Miiror.items) SOLD SOLD

July  1st  large cast iron trivet. (Search Home items) SOLD SOLD 

July 3rd  Vintage attractve wooden flower/plant press. (Search Home items)

July 5th Galvanised Bin/Garden planter.(Search Garden items)

July 7th  Two Matching Bar/Kitchen Stools (Search Home items) SOLD SOLD

July 13th  Slim three draw storage unit. (Search home items) SOLD SOLD

JULY 14th Kasparov Chess Board  SOLD SOLD 

July 17th Vintage Cresta Art Limited London Boudoir Chair On Castors (Search Chairs items) SOLD SOLD 

July 18th Vintage/Collectable Winnie The Pooh Picture Blocks (Search Collectable items)

July 19th  Tramp art style wooden vase/pot holder. (Search, Home items) SOLD SOLD

July 21st Vintage Rotary watch. (Search watch items) SOLD SOLD

July 25th  Tall wooden Widdop wall clock (Search Clock items)

July 26th  INVICTA Cast iron cup tree holder.(Search home items)

July 27th 2 tier cast iron egg holder. (Search home items) Sold Sold 

July 28th Vintage brass fireside companion set. (Search home items) SOLD SOLD 

Aug 1st  Wooden wall cabinet (Search home items )

Aug 3rd  Decorative garden wooden wheel barrow plant holder.   (Search garden items)

Aug 4th  Sturdy Foldable Wooden Stool. (Search Chairs/Stools items) SOLD SOLD 

Aug 6th  Churchgate wall clock. (Search Clocks items) SOLD SOLD

Aug 7th Stylish casio quartz wrist watch (Search watch items) SOLD SOLD

Aug 9th Tall metal waiter (Search vintage advertising items)

Aug 10th Metal mail box with keys. (Search home items)SOLD SOLD

Aug 11th Attractive  Rustic style light shade. (Search lights/shades items)

Aug 14th Two folding garden chairs.( Search Chairs)

Aug 23rd rd  Molger wooden seat/storage area. (Search home items) SOLD SOLD

Aug 25th  Vintage Large Ships  Bell (Search Collectable items) SOLD SOLD

Aug 26th  Collectable VIintage  Pye portable radio.(Search Collectable items)

Aug 28th Red retro style metal wall clock . (Search Clock items)SOLD SOLD

Aug 31st Small Folding Wooden table. (Search table items)

Sep 2nd Large Metal Storage Tin/box. (Search boxes items)

Sep 3rd Vintage wooden dice box.(Search Collectable items) SOLD SOLD 

Sep 5th Desk lamp with industrial style light shade.  (Search Lighting items)

Sep.7th Winmau blade 4 Dartboard. (Search Sports equipment items). SOLD SOLD

Sep 10th Retro Style Wall Clock. (Search Clock items) SOLD SOLD

Sept 14th  Wooden lap tray with legs. (Search home items.)

Sept 15th L.S.Lowry Picture/Print (Search picture items) SOLD SOLD

Sept 16th JH Veteran metal cash box.(Search metal boxes) SOLD SOLD

Sept  28th Vintage wooden and chrome chairs.(Search chair items)

Sep 29th Retro Style Cushioned Stool. (Search stools item) SOLD SOLD

Sep 30th Black cat cast iron door stop.(Search home items)


Oct 22nd Vintage/Antique Storage Box.( Search  wooden boxes)

Oct 29th Small Occassional Side Table  (Search tables) SOLD SOLD 

Nov 1st  Brass four arm deity bottle opener. (Search  Collectable)

Nov 2nd  Vintage 1960s Sewing box with Dansette Legs (Search home items)

Nov 4th Six draw storage box. (Search wooden boxes)

Nov 6th Brass Bankers Lamp. (Search Lighting)  SOLD SOLD 

Nov 8th  Vintage/Antique? Stirling Silver Salt and pepper shakers. (Search Collectable items)*

Nov 10th  Large Desk/Hotel Push Bell.(Search Bells)

Nov 12th Stunning wooden bowl with intricate markings. (Search home items)

Nov 15th  unusual and ornate four segment wooden wall mirror. (Search mirrors)

Nov 19th Vintage 1960/70s paper rack. (Search Collectables)

Nov 22nd Six String Acoustic Guitar. (Search Musical instruments)SOLD SOLD

Nov 23rd Vintage Wooden DAVOS Sledge.(Search Sports items) SOLD SOLD 

Nov 24th Fiorelli necklace (SearchJewellery items)

Dec 6th Wall Clock in a Tyre (Search Collectables) SOLD SOLD 

Dec 7th stunning model ship HMS Victory. (Search ships) SOLD SOLD

Dec 12th Two Wooden stools (Search stools)

Dec 17th Vintage EPNS tea/coffee pot. (Search Collectables)

Dec 18th J&B Scotch Whiskey Jug Made By WADE (Search Man cave) 

Dec 19th  Sculpture/Figurine Horse, with man and women.(Search home)

Dec 20th Gianni Conti Brown Money / Key Holder. (Search Collectables)

Dec 24th Brains beer 1982 centenary beer tray, (Search Man cave) SOLD SOLD

Dec 31st Wooden Chess Pieces And Sliding Top Wooden Box.  No chess board. (Search Games)


Jan 3rd Attractive light shade (Search lighting/shades)

Jan 5th Two pocket watches for repair/parts (Search watches) SOLD SOLD 

Jan 6th Six String Acoustic Guitar (Search Musical instruments items) SOLD SOLD 

Jan 8th Cast iron tree mug/cup holder.  (Search home items)

Jan 9th Wooden trough with attractive flowers and and foliage.  (Search home items)

Jan 10th Vintage advertising mirror BEEFEATER London Distilled Dry Gin.  (Search Man/Women Cave) SOLD SOLD

Jan.11th Vintage advertising mirror JIM BEAM Whiskey (Search Man/Women Cave) SOLD SOLD

Jan 13th Two metal and canvas garden chairs.( Search chairs)

Jan 15th Stunning picture and frame. (Search Pictures).

Jan 17th  Large metal storage box (Search Metal boxes) SOLD SOLD

Jan 22nd Helix Large metal cash/utility box with keys. (Search metal.boxes)

Jan 24th  Metal/Wrought iron table (Search tables).SOLD SOLD 

Jan 25th Vintage Large Chess board .(Search Games)  SOLD SOLD 

Jan 28th C.Giant Classical Guitar. (Musical instruments) SOLD SOLD 

Jan 30th  Wooden Adjuustable painters Stool. (Stools) SOLD SOLD 

Feb 5th.Wooden Stool with Step. (Search Stools) SOLD SOLD

Feb 20th Folding Wooden stool. (Search Stools) SOLD SOLD

Feb 20th Bathroom Storage unit. (Search home)SOLD SOLD

Feb 22nd Garden Tricycle Plant holder.  (Search Garden)SOLD SOLD 

Feb 28th Alabaster chess board (Search games) SOLD SOLD

Feb 29th Rustic 3 hook pig coat holder. (Search home items)

Mar 1st Vintage Silver Plated? Hand Mirror. (Search Mirrors)

Mar 5th Winmau Diamond Dartboard. (Search Man/Women cave) SOLD SOLD 

Mar 12th Stunning Chess set table with legs.(Search Games).

Mar 14th Vintage Bar/Kitchen Two Stools. (Search Stools). SOLD SOLD

Mar 16th Hornby Dublo coach carriage. (Search Model Trains and Coaches)

Mar 19th Two Bistro Style Chairs.  (Search Chairs)

Mar 21st Fireside companion set and tools. (Search home items)

Mar 22nd 6 draw storage cabinet.  (Search home items) SOLD SOLD 

Mar 27th Attractive light shade (Search light shades)

Apr 2nd Vintage Brannan London Thermometer.(Search Thermometer)

April 3rd Set 4 Large Vintage/ Antique? keys.(Search Collectable)

April 4th Cunard Line memorabilia paperweight (Search Cunard) SOLD SOLD

April 16th Three Wooden Stools With fabric seat.  (Search home items)

April 17th Tall brass fireside companion set.  (Search home items)

April 19th Retro Style kettle (Search home) 

April 29th Folding Wooden Chess set. (Search games)

April 30th Artificial plastic fruit decoration.  (Search home items)

May 1st Retro Style Wall Clock. (Search Clocks)

May 2nd  Free Standing fire guard.(Search home items)

May 4th Coal Scuttle. (Search home items) SOLD SOLD.

May 13th  4 quirky Dogtail hooks on slate. (Search home items)

May 14th Fine jewellery necklace and earrings 925 silver. (Search jewellery items)

May 19th India made wooden box. (Search wooden boxes) 

May 20th Fleur de lis sconce wall hanging candle holder. (Search lights)

May 21st Tall Artifical Plastic Cheese Plant. (Search home items)