Pilot Booklets S.3 " TOY RABBIT" Paperback 1958. UK POSTAGE ONLY


This is a used vintage paperback booklet.  It is 65 years old . It has some wear from age and use . I've taken photos of all the pages front and back.  It's held together by 2 old staples , still very strong . The book itself is still in good tact. It is a beginning reader's paperback booklet.  It has a written date on the front of the book of 1958 though it may be older. It is stamped as being at Chepstow School , the stamp is quite Faded but is still easy to see. I believe this is a good collectable item . Have a look at the pictures then take it home!!!🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Ref: ourrm4drwr                           020223*